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Established on October 18, 1983

USTC-RED TIGER has become one of the most recognizable and respected martial arts organizations of ITF-style Taekwon-do in the area.

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Children learn respect, discipline, courtesy, and improve self esteem while participating in an excellent exercise program.


Taekwon-do serves as an invaluable tool for learning self defense while providing an excellent fitness program that relieves stress and improve self control, stamina, flexibility and coordination.


Performed at the beginning and ending of each class, mediation is used to clear the mind of outside distractions and responsibilities and mentally prepare for the upcoming session. Afterwards, it is used to mentally review the techniques learned and wind down from the vigorous training.


The purpose of the patterns is to develop balance, breath control, coordination, power and technique. In these patterns lies the true beauty of Taekwon-do -combining power and grace.


The purpose of breaking is to teach the Taekwon-do student how to develop focus, power, speed and distance while properly performing a variety of techniques.


This aspect of Taekwon-do places one or more students against one another with the purpose of improving distance, timing, balance, speed, and strategy.

36 Years in Business


Morning, Evening and Private classes available for all the family members and busy professionals.


Annual Future of America Scholarship sponsored by Red Tiger.


Stay fit and healthy with affordable membership and no contract.


1 Student

New Members will receive a FREE uniform when they enroll for 3 months or longer

1 month: $90

3 months: $ 240

6 months: $ 420

1 year: $ 720

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For family programs, the 1st uniform is free and each additional uniform is 1/2 price ($25.00)

1 month: $160

3 months: $ 430

6 months: $ 720

1 year: $ 1200

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3 Students

Family Programs are for parents and siblings that enroll in the same program.

1 month: $240

3 months: $ 510

6 months: $ 900

1 Year: $ 1600

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