Feel free to look at some pictures and video clips of our black belts and students.

Downloadable forms can also be found below as well as past press releases.

Photo Gallery

Video Clips
Red Tiger Intro
Ali - Reverse Turning Kick
AC Sparring
BB Video Intro
Carlos - Reverse Turning Kick 3 boards
Markie 180 back kick
Markie Reverse speed break
Mr. Cancelliere - Jumping off the wall kick
Mr. Cancelliere - Reflex kick
Mr. Cancelliere - Semi-free Sparring Attack
Mr. Cancelliere - Semi-free Sparring Defense
Mr. Cancelliere - Third time's a charm
Mr. Cancelliere and Mom - 360 Turning Kick
McLauglin - Side kick 6 boards
Sbn Paul - Twisting kick low, middle, high
Stephanie - Reverse Turning Kick
Turning kick 360 turning kick
Video Breaks and Instructor Course
Yusuf - downward knife hand 4 boards


Monthly Newsletter

2014 BB Class Attendance .pdf

USTC Membership Application .doc
USTC Membership Application .pdf
ITF-USA Membership Form .xls

Download an executable slideshow presentation created by Master Harry Vones, 7th degree, about the the different motions in ITF Taekwon-do. [Download]

2009 USTC Challenge Press Release (12/17)
2009 Red Tiger Cup Press Release (5/29)
2009 Nationals Press Release (4/13)
2009 National Results (4/16)


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